SuperBowl Commercial

The purpose of each of these commercials was to persuade you to buy or watch their show/product. Although the voice commercial was more of the entertainment aspect because it was a bunch of random things like people singing, and farm animals. The dorito’s vs mountain dew commercial’s purpose was to convince you by using famous actors that like the product themselves to buy the product because you might think it’s cool or like the product just because of the people that they used. The jeep commercial was to persuade you to think that the jeep has the best performance off and on road and they use videos of the car driving through the mud to prove their point that it has good performance off road. The Voice commercial was more to entertain you and think that the show is very fun good for the whole family so that more people would tune in. They also used some famous singers so that people that like them as an artist would tune in just because their favorite artist is on the show. The intended audience for the dorito commercial was more of the food lovers that like dorito’s and mountain dew. The jeep commercials intended audience was for more of the car lovers so that they can display their new product and maybe get some people to buy it. The Voice’s commercial was more intended for the musical lovers that enjoy singing or hearing people sing and maybe encourage them to tryout for the show.

Social Issue – Isaac Mackan

My social issue is woman’s rights to join the military and play a role when there in combat.

This is a social issue because there are some woman that want to join the military but will not be let in because they are woman. People disagree by saying that woman are to weak and that they would risk the lives of men in a combat situation.

My proposed solution is if woman want to join the army and play a combat role let them because in the end if they are just as qualified as men for the job then they have every right to join. This the best solution because this gives woman a chance to serve there country in some eyes that’s their dream, also it can prevent riots or protest from breaking out just because the U.S. won’t allow women to be in combat.

Cons of letting woman play a combat role: In some societies or countries the enemy may be more willing to abuse women prisoners versus male prisoners, Military combat activities are more suited for men and women in integrated units have more of a risk to get injured, Men might act more foolishly then normal to save a woman in combat and put the whole unit at risk.

Pros of letting woman play a combat role: Widening the application pool for all jobs in the military will guarantee more willing recruits including women, In battle situations it shows that decision making skills are better then just brute strength in which women tend to make better decisions then men, Allowing women to serve in combat allows delicate and sensitive jobs to become easy.

Are my facts good or should i try and find different ones?

Does my evidence justify my argument?

Isaac’s Play-Doh creation

The activity that we had to do was create something meaningful that represents you. I made a pretzel with my play-doh because pretzels are one of my favorite snacks every time i’m out and I see an Auntie Anne’s I wanna stop and get there cinnamon pretzel nuggets. I also thought that how pretzels wore made was pretty cool because some stores you can see every step they go through to create the pretzel. Some other things that my friends made was a trophy because he is a “winner”, Also a heart with his and his girlfriends initials, and another one of my friends also did that. This is similar to the writing process because you have to think about things that you would want to make that represent you just like how you have to think of ideas to best represent the topic you are writing about. You also have to edit your creation to make it look as perfect as you saw it in your head and when your editing a paper you have to use the right words and punctuation’s so that it sounds perfect to the teach so you can get a good grade on the assignment. A rhetorical situation takes a tole on this because you take an idea and make it into something that means a lot to you which is the same as creating/typing a paper in a way because you gotta come up with what your gonna say the quotes you are going to use and the facts also that will mean something to your teacher or audience.


Social Issue – Isaac Mackan

My article that I am reading on Women in combat talks about if women should be allowed to play a combat role in the military. 69% of people say yes because “If they want to serve their country let them do it”. 15% say yes as long as they can pass the same physical test as men. 2% say yes due to the fact that not letting women serve is discriminatory. 13% of people say no because women make the army weaker. 1% say just because women are not as physically capable as men in combat. People in Chicago support women being in the army compared to the majority vote. 91% voted yes and only 8% voted no. 84% of white people said yes to women serving but 16% also said no. 84% of Black people said yes to women and 14% said not to women serving. 84% of Native American people said yes to women serving and 16% said no. 88% of Asian people said yes to women serving and 12% said no to them serving. Every single race that voted yes to women serving in the military stayed within the 80%-89% mark. As well as the people that said no for the races they also stayed within the 11%-16% mark. With this data it looks like most people would support women serving our country.